Rachael is a character I have created who represents the part of all of us that is ageless, timeless, multifaceted, multicultural and fun loving. Her appeal is universal because Rachael's life experiences mirror our own.

Her “expressions” exclaim how she feels about herself and others. She has “gotten over herself” in that she is comfortable in her own skin. This self love allows Rachael personal freedom to dance when she feels moved, to sing when she is happy and not to worry about what others might say.

I have tried to create a character who will be embraced by all ethnic groups. With Rachael, I feel I have succeeded. The “Story of Rachael” is autobiographical because I, like Rachael, have learned to be comfortable in my own skin. To the horror of some and the laughter of others, I do dance when I feel moved.

Like Rachael, I was born in Lower Alabama . Actually, it was Mobile, Alabama that I called home for many years. After living in Miami, Dallas, Boulder, and both Brentwood and Franklin, TN, I was on the road again. To the chagrin of most Californians, I too decided to seek my fortune out west and moved to California in the late 1980's.

I first began drawing while studying jewelry design as a Graduate Gemologist in Santa Monica . I found a burning desire to create and began art lessons at Brentwood Art Center in Santa Monica .

My preferred style of art is abstract expressionism. How the creation of Rachael came about is as EWEnique as she is. I have kept a diary of Rachael from her birth and it, along with her baby pictures, contains the names of many of the generous people who have helped me bring her to ewe.

With no children of my own, this journey hasn't been easy. Luckily, I have been able to borrow the wisdom and the children of friends, neighbors and family.

I would love the opportunity to tell you my story. Please feel free to contact me at rachaelvega@msn.com .



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